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Pea Token Sale

The PEA blockchain powers PeaCounts’ revolutionary blockchain payroll system. Based on Bitcoin technology to maximize security, PeaCounts uses smart contracts and AI to verify business activity, then releases funds automatically to the employee upon completion of the contract. This removes the trust-based aspects of the employment relationship, and ensures fair payment for the actual work performed. PeaCounts is releasing its code base open source to encourage developers to build blockchain business solutions based on the PeaCounts protocol.

Why PEA Tokens?
  • By forking off Bitcoin we can harness nearly 10 years of development by the brilliant Bitcoin community.
  • Smart contracts eliminate disputes by employer and worker agreeing on work specifics in advance.
  • PeaCounts can be used for regular monthly payroll as well to speed up payments and reduce costs.
  • PeaCounts Protocol will provide API and SDK toolsets for developers to build custom payroll applications.
  • The PeaCounts community guides developers and the marketplace connects them with business owners.

"Fair Work for Fair Pay"

PeaCounts Payroll takes trust-based timekeeping and payment out of the relationship. Employees know they will get paid as soon as work is completed. Employers pay just for the actual work performed. A smart contract tracks employees’ location and time spent on tasks, and holds tokens for release when work is done. Employees get paid efficiently and fairly, and the employer knows work was completed.

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Blockchain is an accounting concept that describes a block of records that are linked and secured using cryptography. For PeaCounts, we use blockchain to secure our clients’ data, preventing any kind of security breach, and using a decentralized transaction ledger while syncing and backing up financial data.

By creating our own blockchain as a fork off Bitcoin we can create a more secure and private blockchain for payroll transactions than anything available today through implementation of zk-Snarks and a multi-access wallet. Additionally, with implementing the Lightning Network we will have nearly instant transaction times and reduced cost of transactions.

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Data Protection

Employee personal data, like social security numbers, are protected and only visible by the AI - not even by the employer has access to this information. Both sides can feel secure, eliminating the liability for data breach for employees and employer.

In addition to this, we utilize an “Identity Blockchain” concept so that only registered users will have access to their data. This will ensure that anyone requesting information in this system OR chain of systems will need to verify their identity before being granted access to that data.

Peacounts Blockchain Chartflow

Theft Prevention

Errors and fraud in payroll withholding such as Social Security, Federal and State tax are eliminated! Employees can feel confident that their contributions are made, and employers are no longer dealing with the paperwork. No employee wants to be held liable for their employers’ mistakes.

Advanced AI tools such as facial recognition will be used to verify users and prevent fraudulent access. Blockchain also is inherently valuable for preventing double-spend transactions, especially when using a proof-of-work consensus model.

Peacounts Blockchain Chartflow

Developer Network

We’re so excited about this new method of “fair pay for fair work” that PeaCounts will allow developers to build on our protocol with mostly open-source API and SDK tools. We will provide support to developers through educational events, partnerships with developer bootcamps, and providing resources and entrepreneur grants.

Peacounts Blockchain Chartflow

Token Market

Initial Token Supply
Token Supply at TGE
Currencies Accepted
Team Vesting
24 Months
Hard Cap
10,000,000 USD
Base Token Exchange Rate
0.10 USD
Chart showing token allocation.
Chart showing token allocation.

PEA Value

The PEA token is the heart of PeaCounts Payroll. By utilizing a cryptocurrency token, we can create a new way of paying workers.

PEA tokens and attached smart contracts are used to track employment engagement and verify work was performed.

Business owners save time with employee self-onboarding and blockchain-hashed records protect from audits.

Employees receive pay automatically and can rest assured they were paid fairly for the work performed.

Through our network we will introduce developers and business owners to build enterprise and industry specific applications.

Our community and educational programs will make our API and SDK tools available for developers.

Developers will be provided with resources and seed funding to create specialized applications for wider adoption.

Road Map

  • 2017

    Quarter 3
    • Idea concept and product development started
    • Major Partnerships developed
    Quarter 4
    • Feature development
    • Market research and analysis completed

  • 2018

    Quarter 1
    • Completed initial whitepaper and tokenomics
    • Started building smart contract architecture

  • 2018

    Quarter 2
    • Brand awareness and outreach
    • Hiring of sales team and managers
    • Media generation program creating earned media
    • Token private pre-sale started
    • Building strategic partnerships and advisory board

  • 2018

    Quarter 3
    • Token sale commences
    • Promotional events and speaking engagements
    • Bringing management team on board
    • Re-organization as a Malta corporation
    • Build revised minimum viable product
    • Phase 1 development to build the base payroll system
    • Obtain money services business license in Europe

  • 2018

    Quarter 4
    • Token sale completed
    • Protocol layer buildout for API access
    • Live client beta testing of base payroll service
    • Promotional events/conferences to attract developers
    • Begin process of US money transmitter licensing

  • 2019

    Quarter 1
    • Scale for growth to take on competitors
    • Ramp-up marketing to generate more userss
    • Developer introductions to build solutions on spec
    Quarter 2
    • Completion of Phase 2 Development with full SDKs
    • Offering of support and developer grants
    • Partner to provide education resources to bootcamps

  • 2019

    Quarter 3
    • Obtain money services licenses in most US states
    • Launch for US market with developer placements
    Quarter 4
    • Licensing the system for backend use at big payroll firms
    • Start Phase 3 development for additional language integrations

  • 2020

    Quarter 1
    • Start packaging user data and developing labor market
    • Make additional HR tools available to employers
    Quarter 2
    • Launch labor market system utilizing data to make employment decisions

PEA Token Sale starting soon

Join PeaCounts in making the world a more fair place for workers! Contact us for more information.